Rivia Standards

Rivia is committed to ensuring our partner clinics, diagnostic centers , and pharmacies provide the highest quality care and service to patients at all times. These standards are designed to be clear, achievable, and patient-centered.

Respect and Dignity

Treat all patients with respect, courtesy, and compassion, regardless of their background, beliefs, or circumstances.

Patient Communication

Clearly communicate with patients in terms they understand. Actively listen to their concerns, questions, and preferences.

Appointment Scheduling and Wait Times

Offer convenient appointment scheduling options and minimize wait times whenever possible. Keep patients informed about any delays.

Thorough Examinations and Diagnoses

Conduct thorough and appropriate examinations to accurately diagnose and address patients' needs. Explain findings clearly and understandably.

Treatment Options and Explanations

Discuss treatment options and recommendations with patients, explaining the benefits and risks in simple terms. Encourage collaboration in decision-making whenever possible.

Continuity of Care

Coordinate care with other healthcare providers involved in the patient's treatment plan. Ensure clear communication and information sharing.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Adhere to all relevant laws and regulations regarding patient privacy and security. Respect patients' rights to confidentiality and handle their information with care.

Patient Education

Provide patients with the necessary information and resources to understand their condition, treatment options, and self-care strategies.

Quality of Environment

Maintain a clean, comfortable, well-ventilated, human-centred and safe environment for both patients and staff.

Quality of Equipment

Ensure all equipment used is well-maintained, functioning properly, and appropriate for the services provided.

Competency of Front-Line Staff

Employ and train front-line staff (e.g., receptionists, medical assistants) to handle patient concerns with professionalism, empathy, and efficiency.

Feedback and Improvement

Actively seek patient feedback on their experience at the clinic and use it to continuously improve the quality of care, service, environment, and equipment.

Rivia operates a network of primary care clinics in Ghana offering quality but affordable doctor consultations, medication and lab diagnosis services in-person and virtually.

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