Grow your healthcare business in Ghana with Rivia

When your clinic, hospital, or pharmacy partners with Rivia, you'll experience increased profitability, a larger customer base, and improved efficiency. We offer cost-saving supplies, advanced technology, and a dedicated network to help your practice thrive.







For Pharmacies

Grow your pharmacy with big discounts on wholesale supplies and up to 60 days credit

Discounted pharmaceutical supplies with credit options (30, 45, and 60 days available). We leverage bulk purchasing to secure big discounts from manufacturers and pass the savings on to you.

Free delivery and a dedicated account manager to handle all your supply needs. Order anything, anytime.

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For Clinics and Hospitals

Grow your clinic with support in patient acquisition, financing, and AI-powered technologies

Expand your patient base through our referral network and medical booking marketplace.

Streamline operations with our cloud-based technology offering key features like appointment scheduling, electronic health records, and telemedicine consultations to unlock new revenue streams. We can digitize your entire clinic in 72 hours.

Be Part of an Amazing Partnership

Get more out of Rivia. Become a Network Partner

Network Partners enjoy additional benefits like prioritized patient referrals, dedicated account management, financing options, health training, and operational support. Get in touch to see how the Rivia Network can grow your clinic.


Why partner with Rivia?

Long-term Relationships

We believe in fostering successful partnerships for mutual growth.

Single Source Solution

Eliminate vendor headaches. Rivia is your one-stop shop for all your healthcare practice needs.

Partners, Not Clients

Your success is our success.

Unmatched Value

Rivia combines exceptional service with industry-leading technology and pricing.

Rivia operates a network of primary care clinics in Ghana offering quality but affordable doctor consultations, medication and lab diagnosis services in-person and virtually.

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