About us

Delivering the Care You Deserve

Did you know that despite most patient consultations (over 90%) happening in person, many healthcare centers lack the resources to provide the high-quality care you deserve? Long wait times, limited appointment options, and outdated infrastructure can make accessing necessary healthcare frustrating.


At Rivia, we're changing that. We partner with existing clinics to bridge the gap and ensure you receive exceptional primary care. Here's how:

Upgraded Facilities

We ensure our partner clinics meet global standards for a comfortable and efficient patient experience.

Always Equipped

Our clinics maintain a consistent inventory of medications and equipment, so you're never left waiting for essential care.

Digital Revolution

Our all-in-one RiviaOS software streamlines hospital and inventory management, saving time for both patients and staff. This allows for faster check-in times and improved appointment scheduling.

Your One-Stop Shop for Primary Care

Rivia clinics offer a comprehensive range of services to address your healthcare needs, all under one roof:

Expert Consultations: Meet with qualified doctors for diagnosis, treatment plans, and preventive care.

Complete Pharmacy: Our on-site pharmacies provide convenient access to medications and prescriptions

Fast Lab Testing: Get the tests you need quickly and easily, with results accessible through your secure online patient portal (managed by RiviaOS).

Virtual Convenience: Don't have time for an in-person visit? No problem! Schedule a video consultation with a doctor from the comfort of your home.

Flexible and Easy Access to Care

We understand that life can be busy. That's why Rivia makes scheduling your appointment a breeze:

Book Online: Schedule your consultation conveniently at any time through our user-friendly website.

Call Us: Speak with a friendly representative to schedule your visit over the phone.

Chat with Us: Connect with our team on WhatsApp for quick appointment scheduling or inquiries.

Walk-In Anytime: No appointment necessary! Simply visit your nearest Rivia clinic using our handy location map (link to contact us page).

Rivia: Partnering with Clinics to Deliver Exceptional Care

Are you a clinic owner looking to improve efficiency, patient satisfaction, and overall operations? Rivia can help. We offer a unique partnership model that provides:

Infrastructure Upgrades: We'll help you modernize your clinic to create a more welcoming and efficient environment.

Inventory Management: RiviaOS streamlines your inventory management, reducing waste and ensuring you always have the supplies you need.

Technology Solutions: Our all-in-one RiviaOS software simplifies scheduling, billing, and patient records management, freeing up your staff to focus on patient care.

The Team

Rivia's leadership is driven by entrepreneurs, technologists, and physicians who advocate for accessible, dignified healthcare.

Rivia operates a network of primary care clinics in Ghana offering quality but affordable doctor consultations, medication and lab diagnosis services in-person and virtually.

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